A Critical Analysis of “THE DUFF” Movie


Hello everyone. I am back again a little bit late and with a very non-bookish review of “THE DUFF” movie. So, this movie came out in the year 2015 and I was super, super pumped to watch the movie at that time But some how life happened and I ended up not watching it. Which was a great decision. So recently, I got Netflix subscription and I decided to binge watch all my favorite Rom-coms. And then I stumbled upon The Duff movie and I decided to give this movie a shot. And Man,oh Man!!!! Do I regret that decision……


First of all, The Duff by Kody Keplinger is one of my all time favorites contemporary romance young adult novel. In fact it was among the books which introduced me to the world of young adult genre so this book is definitely more closer to my heart.


So let’s dissect the way through which this movie has disappointed me.

  1. Was the presence of Bella Thorne really required in the movie???


The Obvious answer is NOOOO, it was not required. But the director thought why not add a self-obsessed pretty girl who likes to bully other to make this movie a typical high school teen cliche movie.

2. Was it necessary to make Bianca’s friend so shallow??

For me, her friend was okay BUT it was the character of Bianca that really,really annoying for me. She had zero respect for her friends and was always telling them that she can’t tell them anything and throughout the movie she literally does that. However, if you have read the book, then in that case you might be aware that Bianca do tell her friend most of the things if not all of them.And that fight between Bianca and her friends….could it get any worse than that. I mean seriously!!!!


And this leads me to my last and final thought and this thing bugged me THE MOST out of all of them.

3. The Character Development

Throughout the movie, I realized that in order to make this movie a perfect target for all those teen girls who love cliche romantic stories. I also love a GOOD romantic comedy but not the one where director and scriptwriter basically slathered a good book. So kudos to director and script writer


If you have read the book and if you haven’t I highly recommend you to read it. Bianca had much more worth mentioning issues in her life and Toby Tucker being her crush and trying to get him to acknowledge her was not among them. Her father was an alcoholic and her parents were divorcing. These circumstances forced her to have a relationship with Wesley.

All of these facts were blatantly ignored in the movie and a cliche prom story was inserted instead.And I am sacred for more ruined adaptations of some of the awesome books.


So the overall, this strengthen my belief that “BOOKS BEFORE MOVIES”.

And finally the rant is over :). Have you seen the movie?? and have also read the book?? Give me your two cents about this butchering of books by directors and script writers.